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 An even skin tone will give you a healthy looking and radiant skin. This can be achieved by a number of home remedies, antioxidants, peels, laser toning and an array of other procedures. Eating right, adequate sleep and hydration are a must for healthy skin.

 Men’s skin is not very different from women’s, except that it is thicker, oilier and ages differently. Washing your face every day and after exercise is very important. Men should keep in mind to use moisturizers and ant-ageing products that are light and not too greasy. Careful shaving is important: Shaving products should be used to protect and lubricate skin so that the razor can glide smoothly, a clean, new razor should be used and shaving should be done in the direction of hair growth and not against it.

 Sensitive skin is skin that is easily irritated by factors that are usually well-tolerated by normal skin. In some people this may be a permanent condition and in others it is triggered by internal or external factors.

 If you have sensitive skin, products with natural ingredients such as aloevera and argan oil will be your best bet. Stick to fragrance-free products. Choose products with minimal ingredients and avoid products with alcohol content, AHAs or retinoids as they may irritate the skin.

Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! Avoid hot water baths as hot water washes off the essential oils on the skin. Make it a habit to apply moisturizer immediately after bathing. Choose mild soaps with added oils. Consult your dermatologist for a cream that contains lactic acid or urea to keep the skin moisturized.

 Wash your face with the right cleanser morning, evening and after exercise. Use oil-free and non comedogenic skin care products and make-up. Use a water-based, light moisturizer. Use blotting papers throughout the day.

 Avoid triggers such as heat, spicy food, stress and alcohol. Sun protection is a must. Home remedies such as aloevera gel, raw honey, green tea, lavender oil, tea tree oil have known to reduce the inflammation and redness.

 Acne can be tackled with basic skin care, the right kind of food and a multitude of topical and oral medication. However, underlying hormonal issues must be ruled out. Pigmentation post acne may sometimes resolve on its own. But scars need definitive intervention such as laser resurfacing, microneedling, etc.

Acne is fairly common in teens. Stress, health conditions like polycystic ovary disease, junk food, dairy products and oily skin products are all known to cause or aggravate pimples. Using skin products that suit your skin type, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free make up is key for avoiding breakouts.

Getting a good night’s sleep is the best way to keep dark circles at bay. Home remedies with cucumber, cold tea bags, vitamin E oils, potatoes, rose water, etc have also shown promising results.

There are a lot of ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or even get rid of them completely. Staying hydrated, avoiding unnecessary stress, sun protection and using anti-ageing products will reduce and delay the process of skin ageing. Botox, fillers and laser resurfacing also show excellent results.

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