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If you seek to achieve younger-looking, rejuvenated skin, Medi-Facials are the treatments you need to go for! Medi-Facials penetrate through the deep layers of your skin to have an impactful and long-lasting effect. There are many options to choose from in this category, all utilizing advanced, state of the art technology. 

How are Medi-Facials different from regular facials?

Unlike regular facials, we will evaluate your skin and choose the right treatment for you, depending on your concerns. Medi-Facials also use scientific ingredients and technologies and work into deep layers of your skin than regular facials. 

Who needs a Medi-Facial?

Everybody! There is a range of options to choose from, like anti-aging, anti-acne, skin brightening, hydration, etc. This can be the right treatment for you to get soft, supple, and glowing skin before a party. 

What happens to your skin during a Medi-Facial?

Depending on the technology you opt for, the dead cells are exfoliated, resulting in fresh-looking skin. The antioxidants and other ingredients used will effectively reduce redness, fine lines, pigmentation, and sun damage. These procedures increase collagen production and cell turnover giving you a better complexion, tone, and texture.

Are there any side effects?

The best part about this treatment – no downtime. Walk out of the clinic with better-looking skin and carry on with your daily activities. It is prudent that you apply your sunscreen and follow our prescription for the best results. 

What do we offer?

  • Hydra Facials – For skin that is dull and dehydrated. Your dead skin is exfoliated, with a distinctive delivery of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and peptides, giving you healthier, supple, and hydrated skin. 
  • Micro Derma Facials – This uses medical graded microdermabrasion with crystals, followed by infusion of antioxidants or hyaluronic acid. It is an effective method to maintain youthful-looking skin.
  • Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging – The aim is to provide the skin with essential nutrients, along with healing and relaxation of the skin. This is ideal for stress-busting and pampering. 
  • Carbon Peel Facials – This helps reduce fine lines and pigmentation, giving you a smooth and even tone. 
  • Oxygeneo Facial – This is an advanced technology that nourishes and oxygenates the skin, giving it a renewed, youthful appearance.
  • Dermal Infusion – A skin resurfacing treatment that simultaneously removes dead cells while applying a serum. Depending on your concerns, there is a wide range of options such as brightening, vitamin C, hydration, anti-aging, etc.

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