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Pigmentation means excessive deposition of the natural skin pigment in some areas. It can happen due to UV light exposure, Hormonal Imbalance, or Pigment cells’ reactivation after any injury or rash called Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation (PIH).

We can effectively treat Pigmentation with various modalities like peels, lasers, and creams depending on pigment’s type and depth.

Common Pigment conditions are Freckles or Sunspots:

Freckles are small dark spots that appear on cheeks and nose. It is genetic, usually runs in families. They appear with age and with cumulative exposure to sunlight. They may occur at a young age if you have a strong genetic tendency. Regular use of sunscreen can protect your skin from UV damage. Vitamin C serum (as it is a potent anti-oxidant) prevents oxidative damage and prevents further freckling to some extent.

What are the Treatments available for freckles?

Regular topical De-Pigmenting Creams with kojic acid, arbutin, or azelaic acid may help to lighten them to some extent in the early stage. As freckles are in deeper layers of skin, they may not reduce with topical creams. 


The laser is the mainstay of treatment to remove freckles. QS Ndyag Laser, 532 KTP laser, and 560 Nm Lasers are usually used to clear the freckles successfully. We require a single session and a second session after a couple of months if needed. 


Melasma is the blotchy Pigmentation on the face, usually on the cheeks and nose. Sometimes it can be on the forehead and chin also. It is generally because of hormones; usually, it starts after 35 years, pre-menopausal, pregnancy, and women using birth control pills. Sun Exposure will aggravate it. 

What are types of Melasma?

Epidermal Melasma – Pigment will be superficial in the upper layers of the skin (Epidermis)

Dermal Melasma – Pigment in the deeper layers of the skin (Dermis)

Mixed Melasma – Pigment will be both epidermal and dermal.

What are the treatment options available for Melasma?

Topical creams improve Pigmentation if Melasma pigmentation is superficial in epidermal layers. If the pigment is in the dermis (the deeper layers of the skin), creams may not help. Chemical peels of medium depth can help to clear the spot. QS NdYag laser therapy is the treatment of choice for recurrent Melasma. It may require 8-10 sessions. Erbium Yag laser can also help in reducing Pigmentation.

Is Melasma Curable?

As Melasma is Hormone dependent when treated, it reduces and may re-appear again. Once cleared, we can keep Melasma under control using maintenance creams if it is superficial. However, maintenance treatment sessions are required once in a couple of months if it is the deep dermal type to prevent a recurrence. We will clear pregnancy pigmentation after childbirth.

How can I prevent dark spots after acne?

Acne is an inflammatory condition. It may leave a dark spot while healing. Suppose you tend to heal an area when you have a minor cut or burn; you can prevent it to some extent by protecting with sunscreen and not picking pimples to aggravate inflammation and Pigmentation. Also, we may prescribe some night creams like glycolic, retinoic, or azelaic acid creams depending on your skin type and severity of your problem. These will help reduce breakouts and spots.



Suppose the spots and acne are severe and have an uneven skin tone, we may advise you salicylic, glycolic, peels, or laser skin toning to achieve even flawless skin.

Can I get rid of my tan and get my Original Complexion back?

All our Asian skins tend to tan easily. You should protect yourself with proper sunscreen when you step out and indoors if it has bright daylight. Should take foods rich in anti-oxidants like fruits and vegetables like papaya, carrot, mangoes, pomegranates, berries, grapes, citrus, and bell peppers. You can also take green tea as it is rich in anti-oxidants. You can take anti-oxidant supplement tablets, which will prevent tan and improve your complexion. Night De-Tanning creams will help to reduce the tan.



Suppose the tan is severe and the skin tone is very uneven, you can have a combination of peels and laser treatments along with medical facials to get an even Glowing Skin.

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