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We’re witnessing the rise of skin cognizance and consciousness. It’s no longer pertinent to only women. Everyone’s aware whether it be about sheet masks ,eye cream or retinoids.Also, taking care of yourself is a right everyone is entitled to. Working out and eating healthy are essentials however taking care of your skin is also very essential for a  youthful gaze. Can’t expect open unclogged pores if you don’t wash your face after working out right ? Skincare needs attention and your skin needs are different as every one has a different type. Some might have excessive sebum secretions, other’s could have flaky looking dry scalp. You need an expert to be sure of what products suit you well and are effective for you. Our Professionals at Pragna Skin Clinic provide you with the necessitated consultation to ace your skin journey without any permanent damage you might indulge in due to lack of knowledge in that field.

You might come across The new generation of super skin machines are also becoming more widely available. Firm favorites in top skin clinics are the lifting HIFU technology and the microneedling radiofrequency treatments for skin texture, scarring and wrinkle reduction. Combine these with more established and proven lasers for pigmentation, veins and brightening and you have the ultimate rejuvenation option for those that want to age gracefully, healthier and visibly fresher but 100% you. We here at Pragna cater to all dermacare related  and cosmetological  treatments. Avail your opportunity to seek these treatments at a cost effective price.Highly efficient degree holding professionals with over adequate practicum  specialize here to render you the best experience.

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