Tips for Acne Control

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1. Wash your skin twice a day using a mild soap, especially after exercise.

2. Avoid picking blackheads as this delays healing. In general, it is better not to “pop” pimples.

3. Exercise regularly and keep fit.

4. Wash your pillow covers regularly, and always use clean face towels. Dirty towels and pillows can harbor bacteria and germs that can make acne worse.

5. Don’t stop the acne medicine too soon. It may take up to 8 weeks for a good response.

6. Avoid exposing your skin to other sources of oil and irritants. Break the habit of touching your face as your hands are often dirty.

7. Drink plenty of water.

8. Avoid eating foods that can worsen acne.

9. Get enough fresh air and sunlight.

10. Try not to wear makeup as far as possible.

11. Get plenty of sleep.

12. Use clean towels.

13. Change pillowcases and bed sheets frequently.

14. Exercise regularly.

15. Keep your hair away from your face.

16. Use facial scrubs once a week.

17. Acne helps to remove dead skin and prevent the clogging of pores.

18. Stay out of the sun.

19. Keep your face clean.

20. Gently wash your face once or twice a day with warm water and a mild soap or acne wash.

21. Try not to scrub or pick at your pimples. It can make them worse and cause scars.

22. Minimize sun exposure.

23. Wash cosmetic brushes frequently.

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